Smee Advertising, London, UK   Among the clients I worked with  

Smee Advertising was a long established, family owned agency handling some quite good national brands and a mixed bag of local retail clients.

I took the job to get a start in London and to work on a major car account. I enjoyed London but soon discovered that the agency left a bit to be desired.

The place was bureaucratic, uninspiring and a generally unpleasant place to work. There was little scope for personal improvement, precious few creative opportunities and no hope for the future.

I made the best of it and in the short time I was there I learned as much as I could. In particular, about how to craft large space press ads and how to handle big budget photography.

The experience wasn’t a total waste of time.

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Colt Car Company (Mitsubishi UK)

Kerry Foods (Cheese products)

MAN-VW trucks